Fishtec League Match Results!

Fishtec Celtic League Winners 2014

Fishtec Celtic League Winners 2014

Many of us are looking forward to the final results being uploaded to the Llandegfedd website but until Bob sorts out his technical issues we’ll have to wait that little bit long! However, there’s a short piece regarding the League Match results at the Fishtec Blog.

For me personally the last two league matches fished exceptionally well, I managed to win one and place second in the other – A great few days on chew including the practice.

The fishing has been tough for weeks with water clarity not being at it’s best, with unsettled weather and plenty of rain, the colour gradually dropped out, clearing much of the lake and the last league match fished well.

A slow intermediate fly line, two diawl bachs and a small tequila blob on the point caught me 10 fish, with 7 of which taking the super diawl bach on the middle dropper! This particular fly stood out in the overcast conditions with the UV over rib –  A great combination when there’s low light and the fish are high in the water.

A slow figure of eight retrieve as the flies slowly sank through the layers seemed to be the best retrieve, buzzer were hatching well as temperatures rose through the day allowing the fish to feed well in the recently cleared water.

Draycote’s on Fire!

Evening Rise on Draycote Water

Sunset at Draycote

For the last two weekends I’ve had the pleasure of fishing at Draycote water, a water which is now classed as one of the best top of the water fisheries in the UK, and boy did it live up to that statement!

At the beginning of both days the weather wasn’t really in our favour with bright, warm sunshine and light winds. Fortunately there were a couple of fish hitting the surface, mostly to fry around the jetty and the odd fish sipping buzzers. I tackled up with the 12ft fast intermediate mini tip from Airflo, a four fly setup, a sunburst booby on the point, two diawl bachs and a cruncher on the top dropper, all strung together on 10.4lb soft plus Grand Max fluorocarbon.

Tofts was literally stuffed with fish, they were extremely high in the water and would chase the booby as soon as it had hit the surface. One thing I noticed was that if your flies didn’t turn over, you’d struggle to get any takes. The weight of the nymphs and heavy leader above would be just enough to drag the booby down before you had chance to straighten the leader, so turn over was key.

After the first initial ‘pop’ of the booby and there was nothing following, the key was to slow up and fish the booby close to the surface and let the nymphs fall through the top foot or two of water. After the first two or three drifts on both sessions we’d put plenty of fish in the boat ranging between 2.5lbs and 4lbs, a great average for the number of fish caught! As the day progressed we got more follows to the booby, this indicating that the fish had come up even higher in the water with the building cloud.

I came off the mini tip and strung up with a straight floater and two dries on 6lb nylon. The flies were spaced around 10 feet apart, with a 5ft length from a floating poly-leader. First cast, rose one to the top dropper but missed it, a size 12 hopper, re-cast and placed it back in the same place, it came back, this time not leaving it behind.. A cracking first fish on the dry with full silver bloom in its tail.

The fishing from here on was immense with action every drift to the dries. When fishing dries I usually cast very short, usually only 5/6 yards from the boat, mainly to aid sight of the flies but on that particular day the fish were so high in the water, you could literally drop the flies to the end of your rod tip and they would eat it. Being so high in the water the fish couldn’t see the boat, hence them coming closer.

Fly Fishing Draycote


Fry time! Tying a Minkie

Kieron Jenkins Flies
As the competition season comes to a close, not before the last big final of the year, the Airflo/Anglian on Rutland water, it’s almost time to hit the fry feeders! A time which many anticipate big fish, strong leaders and often BIG flies. Personally I don’t go above a size 8, I’ve never really been in a situation where I thought a larger fly would out fish my usual stuff.

Looking in my ‘lure box’ over the weekend it’s certainly in the need of some TLC – So thought I’d make a start with some brown minkies for an up and coming trip I had planned to Draycote. It turn out that we never even looking inside the big fly box, they were on dries the majority of the day! But, the box looked a lot healthier.

Tied on a Fulling Mill Competition Heavy Weight with a leaded body and a two and a half inch brown mink tail, this fly has plenty of size, movement and indeed shape to represent growing fry. The body is Hares Ear Prism Dubbing product by SLF, a lovely, thin dubbing which is very easy to use, this colour will be great for river flies… The material doesn’t actually have any hares ear mixed in, but the colour mix with the synthetic and glister give a lovely tan/brown colour.

Looking forward to putting it in front of a fish this weekend!

Brown Minkie Dressing

Hook: FM Competition Heavyweight Size 10
Thread: Brown Sheer
Underbody: Round Lead Wire
Tail/Wing: Brown Mink Strip
Body: SLF Prism Hares Ear DubbingRib: Gold Wire
Eyes: Jungle Cock Eyes

Make it Wobble! Floating Fry

It was around 5 years ago I first come across a product called Sili Skin, an adhesive backed silicone sheet with a pearlescent finish. After wondering what to tie with it for weeks, I finally cut a fry shaped piece from the sheet, a tail and a flat head… Wound it around the hook and thought it looked fairly impressive.

But what I like about most fry patterns is that they wobble, pop and jump from the water, such as a distressed fry would under attack… And this style simply wouldn’t pop as well as others – So on goes the foam back, a wobble head and a Sili Skin body… and my favourite floating fry was born!

Since then however, I haven’t seen the product anywhere to buy with the last of my sheet being used years previous. Lucky for me, Toby at Funky Fly Tying had something similar, so similar in fact it was practically the same stuff! A double sided adhesive sheet called Gummi Body which you apply a sheet of coloured foil to one side and peel away the film. Gummi Body Foil is available in a vast array of colours so any means of fish patterns could be made. I prefer the pearl.

To add an extra ‘target’ to the fly, a set of coloured epoxy eyes are a must. the difference between the red and pearl is outstanding as you can see in the still from the video, the red does look deadly!

The Fry pattern is and will be one of my favourites for fry bashing until something else comes along – The problem is with many fry patterns is that you get hell of a lot of takes, but almost 70% of fish refuse to eat the fly confidently – This pattern however catches many more than any other fry pattern I’ve come across, unless it’s a sparkler booby!

See how it swims in this video:


How to fish Buzzers

Kieron Ronsfishing Buzzer Article

One of the featured flies – GB No5!

My most recent article on buzzer fishing can be found in this months Total Fly Fisher Magazine, explaining the most effective angles to fish, what flies to fish and sizes to achieve the best from where you’re fishing – including a diagram of my leader setup! Along with 5 favourite patterns.

Inside this months magazine you can find:

Buzzers, The Angle of the Dangle – Kieron Jenkins

FLY V’S LURE! – Steve Cullen

Predator Prime Time – David Heseltine

Surface Sport Guaranteed – Matthew Eastham

Tackle Awards 2014!

And much more…

Purchase the current Total Fly Fisher magazine here: Or at your local news agents.


Worms! Apps Bloodworms…

Ronsfishing Funky Fly Tying Barred Rubber

I’ve never really been a fan of ‘worms’ especially the Apps bloodworm which you mainly see being used on small stillwaters – It’s just a fly I don’t have an interest in fishing, probably the fact I tied over 300 in one week for an order at a show, so even the sight of them puts me off – I don’t think I’ve even caught a fish on one.

But recently I came across some material from Funky Fly Tying called Wapsi Barred Round Rubber – Somewhat stiffer than the usual flexifloss – in my eyes, perfect for the apps. When talking to other anglers who use them regularly, many mention the fact that the flexi floss legs can wrap up and even knot together, causing the the fly to fish ineffectively, so the stiffness would actually aid the fly to fish better giving a more sturdy profile.

As soon as I saw the rubber I thought ‘Apps’ and took a packet from the wall. The Yellow and Orange combination is perfect for targeting stocked fish which may have had a hammering, the times when a lure can be too much colour or movement. Toby at Funky Fly Tying has over 10 colours of barred rubber available so you’re covered whether it’s a viva apps, or a cat…

I now have an army of colourful apps to give a go but where shall I go first… Garnffrwd or Ellerdine?



Lexus Team Results Rutland 2014

Lexus Team Results Rutland 2014

Lexus Team Results Rutland 2014 – !st

Lexus Team Results Rutland 2014

Lexus Team Results Rutland 2014 – 2nd

Lexus Team Results Rutland 2014

Lexus Team Results Rutland 2014 – 3rd

After returning from the Lexus Team final which was held on Rutland water, it’s time to start preparing for the Rivers Trial and the up and coming Airflo Anglian Water Final. That’s my excuse for the lack of blog posts, anyway!

As you may have already saw, Rutland fished extremely well for the two days at the Lexus Team Final, with a rod average of 7.78, an excellent average for any water in the UK. 252 anglers caught a staggering 1961 fish over the two days, with almost half of those being returned to the lake.

Competition results

1. Rio Masters
2. Hanningfield
3. Iain Barr Team Costa
4. Nymph-a-maniacs
5. Greys team Stocks
6. Team Airflo
7. Seighford Sharks
8. The Renegades
9. Team Frozen North
10. Flash Attack Sharks
11. Alba Orvis FF
12. Greenwell Persuaders
13. Lintrathen FF
14. Orvis Team Rutland
15. Sonik Pirates
16. Stocks Falcons
17. BRFFA Emergers
18. Tannahill Raiders
19. Snatchers
20. Stocks Cormorants
21. Team Foxons

Biggest Fish – John Hood/
Overall Top Rod – Matthew Griffiths